Coronavirus Update

CV Update, Update store entry guidelines

We have updated our store entry guidelines

for Coronavirus and placed stickers on the floor. They help guide customers through the store and show customers where to wait for service.

This and other signage will help keep our customers and staff safe and do our bit to stop the spread of the virus through our community.

Below are our updated guidelines for entering the store

1. Internet café is closed – To reduce the length of time customers are in the shop
2. All printing services have ceased – To reduce the number of items passed between customers and staff
3. No more than three people – Are permitted in the shop at one time. A group of two counts as one person
4. Follow the floor signs – There are directional arrows and stand in place signs on the floor. They guide you through the shop and show you where to wait for service
5. Social distancing – Keep a distance of 1.5 meters between customers/customer groups and staff. Stay safe