Laptop & Notebook Keyboard Repair

Laptop Keyboard Repairs

Looking for a laptop keyboard repair? Our technicians can diagnose and repair all keyboard hardware issues on any make or model. We also diagnose and repair keyboard software faults which can often be the cause of keyboard failure.We are leaders in the laptop repair industry and committed to our customers. Therefore, we guarantee our workmanship and give a warranty on all parts and labour. We believe doing business with us should always be affordable and easy.Whatever laptop keyboard problem you need fixed, we can help. Use the Contact page to send us a message or call 5478 3534 to find out more about our services. You can also bring your device into our Mooloolaba store and talk to one of our techs about a laptop keyboard repair.

laptop keyboard repairs


Proactive care and maintenance will avoid the need for a laptop keyboard repair, downtime and wallet pain. Below are some simple things you can do to care for your device.

  • Take care and avoid eating and drinking near your laptop, so food or drink is not spilled on the keyboard. This is the most common cause of keyboard and device failure, therefore should be avoided.
  • Another type of failure is the use of excessive force when typing. Using excessive force when typing will over time result in keyboard failure. You can avoid this by using a light but firm amount of pressure to depress the keys and not damage them or the underlying membrane.
  • Keep your device well ventilated to prevent overheating due to airflow blockages. Also have it serviced regularly, at least once a year. During this process dust and fibres are removed so air can flow freely through the cooling system.
  • Use a surge proctor to protect against power surges, which can have many causes. The most common in our local area are lightning strikes to power lines.
  • Prevent impact damage generally caused by drops. Take care with your mobile devices, they are very susceptible to this type of mechanical damage.

The turnaround time for a laptop keyboard repair is 1 – 2 days depending on the availability of parts. If you would like to know how keyboards work, read this article.