Computer Tuneup

A computer tuneup, also known as a computer cleanup can get your PC to run faster and last longer. If your desktop or laptop computer is running slow, we can get it running faster by removing unnecessary files and processes that run in the background.

Tuneups include;

  • Scan and deletion of temporary files and folders
  • Update Windows to latest version
  • Removal of trial ware
  • Run and update anti-virus if available on PC
  • Optimize start up and shutdown of PC
  • Update all system software
  • Clean up of external and internal components as required
  • Create user accounts and setup passwords if required
  • Assessment of internal components and any upgrades required

All of these services can be done in-store at Mooloolaba or can also be done in your own home or business with one of our tech visits anywhere on the Sunshine Coast. To book call 5478 3534.

*Please Note: A tuneup is not virus removal. This is a different process, for more information please visit our Virus Removal page. If you are unsure, please call 5478 3534 and speak to one of our technicians. Also, in some cases it the operating system can be corupt causing the device to run slow. In these cases we may need to reinstall Windows or macOSX.

Computer Tuneups & Cleanups, Tune up and clean up your PC or mac


These simple maintenance steps will help you avoid the need for a computer tuneup due to software errors. As a result, you will save money and the time spent waiting for repairs.

  • Never turn your device off when the operating system or a program is updating.
  • Secondly if you have more than one antivirus program keep one and uninstall the others, you only need one. These programs often conflict while trying to run similar procedures, causing errors and the device to run slow.
  • Third, never install driver update, registry cleaner or tuneup software, if you have, uninstall them. These programs can cause damage (More info here) while performing their function and they are unnecessary. They often come bundled with another malicious program which is harmful to your system and possibly your wallet.

If you the last two points above fail to rectify your issues, then a computer tuneup by a professional should get your PC back to good health. We will also run a diagnostic test on your device and advise you of any other issues before proceeding.

Finally, a computer tuneup is also known by several different names like computer cleanup, PC tuneup, PC cleanup, Mac tuneup and Mac cleanup. They all mean the same thing, so don’t let all the different names confuse you.