Device Diagnosis

Device diagnosis: whether it’s for your computer, laptop, phone, tablet, PC or Mac we diagnose computer faults and fix them. We can provide you with a complete diagnosis of the exact fault that is causing your device to fail. Bring it in to our Mooloolaba store and talk to one of our techs, if we can fix it in 5 minutes it’s FREE.If your device is running slow it might only require a computer tuneup. In any case we will provide you with a quote of what it will cost to repair the item. We will also advice you on whether or not it would be economical to repair your device or if it would be more beneficial to update.

Need to talk give one of our friendly techs a call 54783534. You can also drop into our Mooloolaba store anytime or alternatively you can use the Contact page or Email to send a message and we will get back to you.

device diagnosis

Insurance Claims

If your device was damaged because of an accident or power surge, you may be able to make an insurance claim if you have insurance. Check with your insurer and if required we can provide you with an insurance report.

Upgrade or Update

When you have your device diagnosed talk to us about upgrading some components to improve performance. Installing more RAM, a new faster hard drive or an SSD can significantly improve performance.Repairing or upgrading old computers is not always economically viable, because the cost of repairs may be more than the device is worth. In this situation you might be better off putting the repair money towards a new or refurbished computer.


These simple maintenance steps will help you avoid the cost and inconvenience of device diagnosis and computer repairs due to hardware failure. As a result you will extend life of your device and save money over time on replacement costs.

  • Keep your device well ventilated to prevent overheating due to limited air flow. Also have it serviced regularly at least once a year to clean and remove dust and fibres. This will allow air to flow freely so it isn’t restricted or blocked
  • Use a surge proctor to protect against power surges which have many causes. The most common in our local area is lightning strikes to power lines.
  • Prevent impact damage usually caused by drops. Take care with mobile devices, they are very susceptible to this type of mechanical damage.

The definition of device diagnosis or computer diagnostics is a method of testing a computer hardware device or software program to ensure it is working as it should be.