Device Setup

Need a device setup? Have you just purchased a new device and not sure how to install software and setup email and other programs? Not sure exactly how to install it properly? Do I put it in C drive or D drive?

If these questions are plaguing you and you just don’t feel comfortable executing an install of software our techs can help you install and setup your newly purchased device. All from our Mooloolaba store and from $66. Call today to book 5478 3534 or simply drop in store today.

Installing software problems occur when important operating system files become misconfigured, deleted, or damaged. This is a common problem with computers that don’t get maintained regularly. Eventually the system becomes overloaded with problems and begins to crash and display errors. You may also notice your system becoming very slow due to high CPU and memory usage.

computer setup

Software Installation

We can also help installing newly purchased software. If you are unsure how to install the software and would rather have an expert do it, go to our software installation for more information.