Insurance Report

Insurance companies often require an insurance report when you make a claim. If your computer, laptop, phone or tablet been damaged, and you want to make an insurance claim, we can provide you with an insurance report to take to your insurer.

Have you experienced a power surge, water damage, accidental damage or other problem? Chances are you will be able to claim a repair or replacement on your home and contents policy.

We can issue you with a comprehensive report for any phone, tablet, PC, laptop or desktop computer. Call 5478 3534 to book or bring the device into our Mooloolaba store. We can also organise a technician to visit your home or office.

If you are not claiming insurance and require a diagnosis, go to our Device Diagnosis page.

Understanding Insurance has a web page which can help guide you with an insurance claim and insurance report.

insurance report

Insurance Report Assessment

When insurance companies assess your claim, they often require a comprehensive technician report for insurance. An Insurance report can usually be done the same day, depending on when we receive it.

Our techs will assess the device and will either recommend a replacement or a repair. Due to the differing policies of the insurance companies, you may get a new device, payout or repair. Whatever the outcome, we can either liaise with you or your insurance company to get the best result for you.

Call us on 54783534 or if you would rather send a message you can Email us or use the Contact page. You can also bring your device into our Mooloolaba store and we’ll get an insurance report to you asap.

Surge Protectors

Most insurance reports are for either accidental damage or a power surge. While we can’t help with accidental damage we do recommend and stock surge protectors. Most people don’t have a surge protector, or they have an old one past its due for replacement date. If you are unsure about the replacement date, you can either call us or contact the manufacturer.