Data Transfer

Data transfer can be a confusing process. How, what and where too transfer data (Transfer files) to is not always easy to determine. Whether you have updated to a new PC, Mac or laptop and need your files on the new device. Or simply just need your data files transferred on to an external hard drive. Our data transfer service is the answer for you.

Our expert techs can transfer your files including all music, documents, pictures and videos into a single or multiple files. We can transfer them to an external hard drive, new desktop or laptop. We can also create an imaged file of your hard drive.

Imaged hard drives are great for file backups rather than a file transfer only. In case you have any problems with your hard drive or it fails in the future you can restore your whole system with an imaged backup. Imaged hard drives are a little bit different to a hard drive copy/clone and both have advantages and disadvantages.

If your hard drive is failing and need to get your data, go to our Data Recovery page to find out more about this service.

If you want to make a booking or know more about data transfer and would like to talk to a tech you can call us on 5478 3534. Alternatively you can use the Contact page to send a message or visit our Mooloolaba store.

data transfer

Hard Drive Failure

Do you want to transfer files or transfer data because you think your hard drive might be failing? If so it is important to stop using your device immediately. This will prevent further damage to the hard drive.

Some indications of hard drive failure are strange noises such as grinding, clicking or screeching. These likely mean that hard drive failure is imminent due to mechanical failure. Similar to logic board failure, computer crashes and frequent freezing can also be symptoms. Check out our data recovery page for more information.


Keep your device well ventilated to prevent overheating due to restricted air flow. Have it serviced regularly at least once a year to clean dust and fibers out so air flow isn’t restricted or blocked.

Use a surge proctor to protect against power surges which have many causes. The most common in our local area are lightning strikes to power lines.

Prevent impact damage, usually caused by drops. Take care with mobile devices, they are very susceptible to this type of mechanical damage.

If you would like to know more about data transfer (File transfer) go to this Techopedia Page.