Virus and Spyware Removal

Here at MD Computers we take your computer and laptop repairs very serious. If your device is running slow keeps having pop ups or files are being deleted then it is possible that you have a computer virus.

We offer two different options when it comes to ridding your computer of virus. The time it takes viruses and malware starting at $100 or if you want to know the exact cost of removing viruses from your computer or laptop or we have our $219 premium virus removal which includes a 12 month subscription to Kaspersky Total Security program for your PC or laptop.

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The Symptoms

Symptoms of an infection are many and varied, you may have no symptoms, but typical symptoms are:

Computer running slow,
Home page or search pages change in internet browser, Icons change on desktop, files appear, or disappear.

Popups informing you have many infections and need to run their program. Any sudden change in PC behaviour Email contacts being sent emails purporting to be from you

Exact cause can be hard to determine, and removal can be difficult. You will probably need expert help to be sure you have removed an infection.

MD Computers Sunshine Coast Virus Removal provide Trojan virus removal, spyware and virus removal, spyware removal and pc virus removal.

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Malware v’s Virus

The term malware covers all types of malicious software. Any program whose purpose is harmful is a malware program. Industry groups like the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) use this term for clarity, but the general public still asks for antivirus, not anti-malware. Just remember that your antivirus strategy should protect you against any and all malware, but most individual anti-virus products do not.

There are many types of malware, including:

  • Virus – a computer virus injects its code into an innocent program; when the program runs the virus code runs too, spreading the virus to other programs.
  • Worms -are similar to viruses, but they don’t require the user to launch an infected program.
  • Spyware – Steels information from your computer
  • Trojan – programs conceal malicious code within a seemingly useful application.
  • Bots – a bot infestation doesn’t actively harm your computer, but it makes your system complicit in harming others.
  • Rootkit – technology hooks into the operating system to hide a malicious program’s components.
  • Ransom ware – holds your computer or your data for ransom. In the most common form it encrypts documents.