Computer Repairs

Our computer repairs service fixes all computer devices, including desktops, laptops, phones and tablets, PC and Apple Computers. You can also talk to one of our technicians, if we can fix it in 5 minutes, it’s FREE!

If you are having any problems with your computer devices what so ever and you’re looking for a computer repair services, we can help you. We are the computer fixers that can have it up and running for you ASAP. We are the computer repair place for hardware faults, such as broken laptop screens, RAM, hard drives, motherboards and all other hardware issues. We also fix software faults like operating system errors, device drivers, virus removal and any other software bug.

Because all computer hardware and software repairs are carried out by expert technicians, we can guarantee our work. All our pc repairs have a one year warranty, so you can have confidence that the work was done to the highest standard.

To talk to a tech call 5478 3534, or if you would rather speak to one in person you can drop into our Mooloolaba store anytime. You can also use the Contact page or Email to send a message and we will get back to you asap.

Computer Hardware & Software Repairs

Diagnosis $80
Device Setup from $80
Hard Drive Data/Files Transfer $100
Hard Drive Data Recovery from $150
Hard Drive Copy/Clone $200
Insurance Report $80
Mac OSX Upgrade from $100
Mac OSX Repair $150
Mac OSX Reinstall $150
PC & Mac Tuneup $100
Software Installation $80
Virus & Spyware Removal from $100
Windows Upgrade from $150
Windows Repair $150
Windows Reinstall $150
computer repairs

Please Note: Because device makes and models vary widely, price may also vary on some devices. Hard drive copy, transfer and recovery do not include a new hard drive, they can be supplied by the customer or purchased separately. For a complete quote please call us on 5478 3534, you can also or send us a message via our Contact page.


These simple maintenance steps will help you avoid costly computer repairs due to hardware failure. As a result you will extend life of your device and save money over time on replacement costs.

  • Keep your device well ventilated to prevent overheating due to limited air flow. Also have it serviced regularly at least once a year to clean and remove dust and fibres. This will allow air to flow freely so it isn’t restricted or blocked.
  • Use a surge proctor to protect against power surges which are most commonly caused by lightning strikes.
  • Impact damage due to a fall is one of the most common causes of hard drive failure, see this Wikipedia page for more information. For laptops use a padded hard shell case to protect against this type of mechanical damage.

Computer repairs may not be possible in some cases, due to age of the device and availability of parts. If you are thinking of getting a new computer or laptop rather than repairing your old one, you can trade it in. We take trade-ins on new computers and laptops, also on refurbished computers and refurbished laptops. Finally if we don’t have it in stock we can custom build computers to customer specifications and requirements.