Windows Upgrade

You might be in need of a Windows upgrade if you are still running Windows 8, 7, vista or even Windows XP. We can help you upgrade your operating system to latest versions of Windows 10.

If your computer or laptop is running on a windows operating system that is a bit old it can sometimes fail. It could be because Microsoft had stopped supporting it and updating it. Also an old OS can cause issues with newer programs on your PC.

This is why you should upgrade Windows to the latest version. We can completely upgrade your operating system to Windows 10. As well as installing all your necessary drivers that your PC will need to run smoothly.

This can also be an option if your PC is failing and requires a Windows reinstall or Windows repair. But you do not have your serial number for your operating system. This can also fix any problems your pc or laptop has and can free up valuable space on your hard drive.

Call 5478 3534 or drop into our Mooloolaba computer shop to speak to a technician about a Windows upgrade. You can also Email us or use the Contact page to send a message and we will get back to you asap.

Windows Upgrade, Upgrade to the latest Windows OS

Reasons For Software Updates

  • Better Business Decisions – Due of the speed at which technology changes, software companies have to constantly upgrade their products. So they can meet the increasing and growing needs of their customers.
  • New Features – New features provide capabilities that maximise a customer’s investment in the software. This accelerates them towards competitive advantage.
  • Security – The challenges of security are so great that software companies cannot afford to lag behind. If they do, they risk losing ground to their competition and open their customers to a great deal of vulnerability.

This webpage goes through the Pros and Cons of a Windows upgrade or a clean install of a new Windows operating system.