Software Repairs

Is your computer or laptop running a bit slow? Having problems with setting up Windows, Mac OSX or any other operating system? Is it just those pesky pop up adds?We can help, if you are having any problem with your computer software repairs we can help you.

Need to book call us now 5478 3534 or drop into our Mooloolaba store or use the Contact page or Email to send a message and we will get back to you.

Diagnosis $60
Device Setup From $60
Hard Drive Files Transfer $100
Hard Drive Data Recovery $150
Complete Hard Drive Data Transfer $200
Insurance Report $60
Mac OSX Upgrade From $100
Mac OSX Repair $150
Mac OSX Reinstall $150
PC & Mac Tuneup $100
Software Installation $60
Virus & Spyware Removal From $100
Windows Upgrade From $150
Windows Repair $150
Windows Reinstall $150
software repairs

Please Note: That prices may vary depending on your particular model of Desktop computer. Data transfers do not include a new hard drive and must be added on separately. For a complete quote please call us 54783534.