PayPal Scam

PayPal Scam, PayPal Scam Email

Be careful of PayPall E-mail Scam

This is a screenshot of a PayPal scam email doing the rounds at the moment. Be very careful clicking on links in emails. All the links in this email are not connected to PayPal and go to a scammer’s website, they are designed to get you login details so they can empty your bank account.

If you have already given you information to one of these sites call your bank immediately and put your accounts on hold. Your bank will require you to take your device to a computer repair shop like ours for a computer virus removal. We will scan it for a pc virus and provide you with a letter for your bank.

This PayPal scam email is very good and similar too many other emails doing the rounds at any given time. It pays to be vigilant and assume all links are bad and take precautions. We advise you to go directly to their website, login and check the information there.

For more information on email scams checkout WikipediA’s page.